Weekly Photo Challenge

I have done a couple of blog posts on ‘taking better photos’, but the best and most effective way to improve your photography is just to practise, practise, practise.  With digital cameras now, it is easier than ever, as it doesn’t matter if you take 100 shots and only have 2 keepers in there!

So for all you followers of mine that want to improve your photography, but need a little PUSH to get the camera (or phone, or Ipod, Ipad etc) out and start taking photos, I have a challenge.

Many of you know that I am doing a Project 52 this year.  I am taking a photo a week, specific to a set theme.  How I interpret that theme and choose to show it in my photography is totally a personal thing.  It is amazing to see the variety of pictures each week on the forum where I post – even though everyone is following the same theme.

I thought that our little “Moments by Min” community could also do a photo a week challenge.  This is not a competition and you will not be judged in any shape or form.  The point is to get you to capture your everyday moments.  Sharing also helps keep you motivated all year long.  You will be amazed how quickly your photos improve the more you do it – I promise!

You do not need to participate every week, and no one will be keeping tabs on you 😉  No pressure!

Here’s how it will work:

Each week on a Thursday morning, I will provide a theme for creative inspiration.  The theme will be posted on the Moments by Min Photography Facebook page and will be very general/broad and give you the ability to be creative.  You then have until the following Wednesday evening to take a photograph based on your interpretation of the theme.

In order to show these pics, you can do two things

  • If you only want certain people to see your photos:
  1. Create an album on your Facebook page called “weekly photo challenge” and set the privacy for that album according to who you want to see the pics.
  2. Upload your weekly photo to this album
  3. Tag Moments by Min Photography in the photo (this way I will get a notification of your upload and can pop over to the album and have a peek-a-boo 😉 )
  4. To tag, you need to type @Moments by Min Photography, and my page should pop up as an option.  You will need to be a ‘liker’ of my page to tag.


  • Join the Facebook group called “Moments by Min Photography Weekly Challenge”
  1. Find the group on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/192450200912109/
  2. Click on ‘Join Group’ (top right corner)
  3. There will be an album within that group for each week.
  4. Upload your weekly photo to the weekly album (not to the wall)

**  Being part of this group will be a great way to keep you motivated and will also provide lots of inspiration from other group members 🙂

Dust off that camera, charge the batteries, and get out there!

I can’t wait to see your photos 🙂


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