Take better photos – Part 3

Shooting angles – get down low (and in closer)

This week the theme for the weekly challenge is ‘Down Low’.  I have very quickly been for a wander around the farm this morning and taken a few snaps to demonstrate how shooting from different angles can totally change your photo – for the better!

Start thinking a little before you click that shutter button.  Ask yourself – what could make this better?  Some very small changes can take what you see through the viewfinder from ‘nice shot’ to ‘wow!’

Try it – I dare you  🙂

I didn’t have any kids home this morning, so all my subjects were farm stuff.  However, simply getting down onto a child’s/animal’s eye level will make a huge difference to your photos.

All of these shots are the same subject, just taken from down lower and in closer.  I think you will agree that a few steps in and a crouch down low make all of these a little more interesting.

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