Newborn Photography FAQ

1.  Why do I need to book in before I even have my baby?

I take on a limited number of sessions each month. I have a full-time job apart from my photography business and I am also a wife and mother – life is busy 🙂  The earlier I know that you want a newborn session, the earlier I can put you in my calendar. You can then be certain you have secured a spot and it will be one less thing to worry about once your baby arrives.

If you leave it until after your baby arrives to contact me, I may not be able to fit in your session within the small window of time we have to achieve the gorgeous images you see in my work.

2.  What do I do once my baby arrives?

As soon as you can (within a couple days) after birth, contact me to let me know your baby is here. I do not expect a phone call, a brief text message or email is fine. I will look over my calendar and work out a mutually convenient time to complete your session.

3.  Why are newborn sessions completed within 14 days of birth?

This is one of the big secrets to getting those adorable, curly, sleepy poses that you see in my work. A newborn is incredibly sleepy in the first two weeks and have not get “woken up” to the world. They are happy to be curled and squished as if they are still in the womb. Generally after the 2 week mark they realise they can stretch their arms and legs and are awake for longer periods.

I know that you are possibly incredibly tired during this time, but your baby will never be this tiny again. They grow soooooo quickly in the first weeks and months that newborn portraits will be something you cherish forever.

4. Where will you do the session?

I offer newborn sessions both at my studio or in your home. Studio sessions will include both beanbag shots and prop setups (baskets, nests, buckets etc).   In home newborn sessions are limited to only beanbag poses.  If you choose an in-home session, then the best room to use is the one that has the most natural light.

5. How much room do you need?

I will need a minimum of about 2.5m by 2.5m space. I bring a large posing bag (like a big beanbag) and a backdrop stand to set up for the shots. Somewhere near a window that lets in some nice natural light is ideal (although not essential as I can bring some lighting if needed).

I am happy to rearrange furniture if required to find the right place in your home.

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6.  What do I need to provide?

The baby! I bring absolutely everything else I need for the shoot. I have a large selection of hats, bonnets, headbands, wraps etc to use during the shoot. If you have something sentimental you would like used in the shoot, please have it out ready when I arrive.

7.  How long will the session take?

Allow 3-4 hours for the session. Depending on how sleepy and settled your baby is will determine how long the session takes. The session is never rushed and we break for feeding, burping and settling as needed. It is best not to schedule anything else prior to lunch on the date of the session.

The session is actually a pretty relaxing time for Mum & Dad while I work my magic soothing, posing and photographing your precious new baby.   Feel free to read a book, catch up on texts, Facebook or emails, take a nap or simply sit back and enjoy watching the session!

8.  How can I help make the session run smoothly

I will send you some specific instructions when you book in your session.  It is helpful if you can keep your baby awake for the hour before I arrive.  When I arrive, they will have a feed and with a full belly, be ready for a nice deep sleep!   (That’s the plan anyway 🙂 )

9.  How do I stop my baby from weeing and pooing on your stuff?

You don’t! It happens at every session, and often on me. I wash all items used during your session, whether it is soiled or not.   That is just part of my job.

 10. If other family members are to be in some photos, what should we wear?

I suggest solid, neutral colours.  Black, white or tan are the best choices for tops.   You want the focus to be completely on the brand new baby in your arms, not the clothes you are wearing.


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