Kind Words

MunroNewborn835 copy
“The morning Min was due to arrive for our photo shoot with Ruby, I wasn’t sure what it would be like. Min arrived, and from that moment on I couldn’t have enjoyed the experience more. So calm and the photos taken made me tear up. So beautiful. I decided to hang around and watch, as I love photography and wanted to watch Min work, but I could’ve just as easily gone and had a sleep! I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Min and her being so loving and gentle with Ruby. Ruby seemed to love it too, snoozing the time away. I couldn’t recommend it more and so easy.
I didn’t even get out of my pj’s! Thank you Min.” ~ Carmen.

CloughNewborn745 copy
“We were thoroughly impressed with Min for our little girls newborn photos, we were able to sit back and relax in our own home while Min took care of everything, nothing was too hard and she was amazing with our little girl. We are so grateful to have beautiful photos to look back on during such a special time.” ~ Emma.



PerryTwins943 copy “When we found out we were having twins, I knew I wanted to do a newborn photo session. I’d seen the photos Min had done for a friend and absolutely loved them. The session was so easy and relaxed and we had absolutely no qualms about Min and her assistant Bec taking our boys into another room to work their magic! The communication via e-mail and text with Min, prior to the session, helped me get a sense of who she was and how passionate and committed she was to providing a professional and high quality service. As I wanted the photos to be a surprise, I only popped my head in a couple of times throughout the 3 hours to get a sneak peak or to feed the boys. The rest of the time we were able to put our feet up in the lounge and enjoy a hot coffee!!” ~ Megan.

WarrickNewborn710 copy“I couldn’t be happier with the experience of having Min come and take my daughters newborn photos. She was extremely patient with my daughter who refused to go to sleep for the first hour and did everything she could to make the session enjoyable and easy for us both. Min was extremely caring, professional and did everything needed to get the photos we wanted. The end results were photos we love and will treasure for ever.” ~ Lisa



BarnesNewborn825 copy“Not only does Min take the most amazing pictures of your brand new baby, she also does it in the comfort of your home. There was no running around and being flustered because we were running late for the appointment. We were all relaxed and comfortable in our own home and absolutely blown away by the patience and professionalism Min and Bec showed. The photos really speak for themselves!” ~ Kali


StasinowskyNewborn631 copy “Initially I thought a newborn photography session would be ‘all too hard’, but I decided to go ahead after seeing the awesome photos Min puts up on her Facebook page. I’m so glad I did. She came to my house, required nothing but some room to work and a sleepy baby, she supplied all the props and towels AND did all the cleaning up! It was lovely to have someone else do all the work whilst I just sat there and watched and fed my baby when it was required. I was in the comfort of my own home and completely at ease. Min wasn’t phased by anything despite my princess ‘not playing the sleepy game’ she persisted, never complained and just kept at it and as a result I got the most amazing photos of my little lady that I will treasure for ever. A newborn photography session is so very worth it, you won’t regret it” ~ Casey.