Gift Vouchers

Do you sell gift vouchers?  This is a question that I get asked about once a week.   Unfortunately my answer is not a straight yes or no, so hopefully the following post will explain it and my reasoning behind the answer.

The way my sessions / business works, is that a client pays a session fee in order to secure their booking and have their photos taken.  They then order prints/products once their gallery of images is ready.   At Moments by Min Photography, I have a minimum spend of $450.00 on prints and products for all sessions (except studio maternity which is $200.00).  Therefore, when you book a session with Moments by Min Photography, you are committing to a spend of at least $550.00 – $100.00 studio session fee and $450.00 of prints/products.  Newborn sessions have a higher session fee so therefore that financial commitment is a little more.

When purchasing a gift voucher, I require you to purchase for an amount that covers BOTH the session fee and the minimum spend.  If you were to only purchase for the session fee, you are essentially giving the recipient nothing.  In order for them to have anything from the session, they need to spend at least $450.00 of their own funds.  That is a significant amount of money for many families and for some it is simply out of reach.  I’m sure you would not want someone to feel pressured to spend money they simply cannot afford because you gave them a voucher they feel they need to use.

If however, someone has already booked their own session and paid their session fee then you are free to purchase a voucher for any dollar amount.  That person is already aware of and committed to the $450.00 minimum spend themselves.  This is a popular option for expectant Mums who have booked a newborn session.  Once they have booked, then their friends can buy a voucher for any amount to be spent on prints/products.

Vouchers are also a great baby shower gift when a group of people can put in to purchase.

Gift vouchers start at:

Studio Session – $550.00

Newborn Session $610.00 – $640.00 depending on location

Tummy-to-Mummy session – $910.00 – $940.00 depending on location

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